Black Streaks on Roofs: Algae Issues and Our Solution

A common and challenging issue that often detracts from the aesthetics of a home is the appearance of black streaks on the roof, caused by algae growth. Not only do these streaks detract from curb appeal, but they can also lead to potential long-term damage to the roofing system. The Pinnacle Pristine line of shingles from Atlas Roofing presents an effective solution, employing the power of 3M Scotchgard to combat this issue. This article explores the problems caused by algae and the benefits provided by the Pinnacle Pristine shingles.

Algae Growth on Roofs: The Problem at a Glance

Algae spores, which are airborne, can settle on roofs and proliferate, particularly in environments that provide moisture and organic matter. Roofs in regions with high humidity levels, abundant rainfall, and dense tree coverage provide perfect conditions for algae to thrive. The dark streaks that homeowners notice are not only the algae themselves but also a protective sheath they create to guard against ultraviolet rays.

Over time, these black streaks on your roof can spread, leading homeowners to erroneously believe their roof is dirty or suffering from mold infestation. While algae are primarily an aesthetic nuisance, they can also gradually wear down the roofing material as they feed on the limestone filler commonly used in the manufacturing of asphalt shingles.

The Consequences of Algae on Roofing Systems


Apart from diminishing the home’s exterior appearance, algae-infested roofs have other less visible effects. The dark streaks absorb heat, potentially raising attic temperatures and leading to increased cooling expenses. Left unchecked, the algae can retain moisture against the shingles’ surface, fostering an environment where rot and further damage could occur.

Traditional Remedies for Algae Removal

Man pressure washing black streaks on the roof is his home.

Traditional approaches to managing algae on roofs often involve labor-intensive cleaning with bleach solutions or installing zinc strips that release algae-inhibiting metal ions during rainfalls. However, these are stopgap measures at best. Bleach can harm nearby plants and corrode metal fixtures, and the effectiveness of metal strips wanes as they weather and lose their efficacy.

The Pinnacle Pristine Solution from Atlas Roofing

Atlas Roofing’s Pinnacle Pristine shingles with Scotchgard Protector by 3M provide a proactive and durable answer to algae concerns. Infused with copper granules utilizing 3M’s precise granule technology, these shingles offer a consistent distribution of copper, which possesses innate properties to resist algae. When these copper-enriched granules come into contact with rainwater, they help prevent algae from settling and proliferating on the shingles.

How Pinnacle Pristine Shingles Work

The Pinnacle Pristine shingles have a prescribed amount of copper-laden granules, ensuring that a sufficient copper presence is maintained over time to combat algae growth. This blend of copper granules integrated with the colored granules allows the shingles to retain their aesthetic appeal without sacrificing functionality.

Installing Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

The installation of Pinnacle Pristine shingles does not differ significantly from standard shingle installation. However, the precision in laying out the shingles is imperative to sustain the roof’s protection against algae. Correct shingle alignment is essential to avoid protection gaps.

Advantages of Pinnacle Pristine Shingles with Scotchgard

The advantages of Atlas Roofing’s Pinnacle Pristine shingles are manifold. They preserve the roof’s visual appeal by preventing the formation of black algae streaks, thereby ensuring the home’s curb appeal remains intact for years. The shingles also come with a warranty against algae growth, offering homeowners reassurance in the enduring protection of their investment.

Environmental Impact and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Atlas Roofing’s Pinnacle Pristine shingles offer a more environmentally considerate option compared to frequent chemical cleanings. The copper granules provide a long-term solution that reduces the need for harsh chemical applications. While the initial cost may be higher than standard shingles, the extended longevity and decreased maintenance requirements present a favorable long-term cost scenario for homeowners.

The shingles from the Pinnacle Pristine line by Atlas Roofing are specifically engineered to ensure consistent performance and provide lasting curb appeal. Unlike short-lived solutions, the Pinnacle Pristine shingles infused with 3M Scotchgard offer a long-term remedy to the algae problem.

Selecting Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

When considering Pinnacle Pristine shingles for a roofing project, homeowners should keep in mind the specific challenges posed by their local climate. The Pinnacle Pristine line is particularly beneficial in moist, algae-prone areas. While choosing a certified and experienced contractor for installation is crucial, the enhanced durability and aesthetic value make Pinnacle Pristine shingles a smart choice for those looking to invest in their home’s future.

The cost of Pinnacle Pristine shingles is balanced by the potential savings in maintenance and the increased longevity of the roof. The added benefit of preserving the home’s appearance and, by extension, its value, makes these shingles a wise choice for those who understand the importance of both function and form in building materials.


Algae growth on roofs is more than just a nuisance; it’s a challenge that affects the appeal and performance of a home’s roofing system. Atlas Roofing’s Pinnacle Pristine line offers an innovative and effective solution to this pervasive problem. By harnessing the algae-resistant properties of copper with 3M Scotchgard technology, these shingles promise a roof that remains beautiful and efficient for years to come.

For homeowners who value durability and aesthetics, the Pinnacle Pristine shingles represent a noteworthy advance in roofing technology. This product not only enhances the home’s beauty but also serves as a proactive choice for long-term roof protection. In embracing Pinnacle Pristine shingles, homeowners make a clear statement: they are investing in a future where the home remains pristine, and the roof’s integrity is unquestioned.